In 1989, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Hellenic Republic chose St. Haralambos Aristotle School to test new didactic material designed for second language learners of Greek.  Accordingly, Father Dean Botsis and Mrs. Angie Balodimas-Bartolomei designed and initiated a special program for 2nd-3rd generation Greek American children.

The pilot program which initially consisted of only 11 children was met with much enthusiasm and success.  As the enrollment rapidly increased it was evident that this type of Greek school was a priority for educating future Greek-American children. The following year Aristotle Greek School GSL was founded. Its goal would be to teach Greek as a second language in an environment conducive to the needs of our children while continuing to pass on the traditions and teachings of our faith, culture and heritage.

Much effort was placed in developing a curriculum that would incorporate the latest pedagogical and linguistic methodologies. With immense dedication from an experienced bilingual staff and with the support of Father Dean Botsis, the parish of St. Haralambos and dedicated parents, the school rapidly grew. As the years progressed, the GSL Program became a prototype for other parishes in Chicago and continues to be the model Greek-American language school today.

We hope that the GSL Program will continue to illuminate and educate our children in preserving the rich Hellenic culture, heritage, traditions, and language and Orthodox faith of our people. We thank all of you for your constant support and belief in our program.

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