A new book series for Greek Saturday School will be introduced this year. The Papaloizos books are easy to use and help the students improve in reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, and communication. In addition to the Papaloizos books we will use the books that we get provided from Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.

Greek Dance Class
Our curriculum provide the opportunity to our students to learn traditional and modern Greek dances!

Computer Lab

We use software that has introductory lessons in language, and fun programs and games for the children to play.  Children can practice and have fun with what they know with colors, food, time, everyday objects, sentences and other basics.   Next year, we will introduce software that will correspond with the books they are currently using.  The software, called  Asterias from Greece, is currently being developed.

Words of Greek Origin

"…Our alphabet {English} came from Greece.  Our language is full of Greek words.  Our science created an international language through Greek terms.  Our Grammar and our oratory, even the punctuation and the division in paragraphs are Greek discoveries.

W. Durant

Our goal would be to teach Greek as a second language. The main focus of the program will be to provide instructions to students in dialogue and conversations with the objective of increasing each student's confidence and ability in speaking the Greek language.

Everyone knows that the English vocabulary contains a great number of Greek words.  Many of those words are recognizable, but many more are not.  Our former director Katina Vaselopulos read a wonderful book with the title:

ELLHN LOGOS -PWS H ELLHNIKH GONIMOPOIHSE TON PAGKOSMIO LOGO (How the Greek language fertilized the international word)
The author is Anna Tziropoulou Eustathiou, Athens 2005,  Georgiathis Publishing Co. Akademias 84- tel:210-52.21.314

She admits that not only did she find the book fascinating, but she also felt great pride in her heritage and culture.  It is imperative to know the enormous contribution that Greece and Orthodoxy has made to Europe and to the whole world.

"I want to share the wealth of this book with anyone who would be interested. In our GSL, the children will learn about this contribution of the Greek Word, but I am also hoping to pique the curiosity of the adults, whether parents or not, so that everyone will be able to appreciate our language and be proud to be Greek."

Wanting to share what she is learning, she has collected quotations, vocabulary words and history and have included them in the PDF document below.  "Feel free to surf and learn new things.  Feel free to share this with your friends.  But most of all take your children to this quest of our roots and make them proud to be Greek.  Enjoy!" 
Vaselopulos, Former GSL Director

Click on each letter of the alphabet below to see word associations between the Greek and English languages:

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