Consent     Click here to download consent form
Our School requires your permission in order for the school to use students’ names and photographs in posters and displays.  If you wish to give consent, please print the consent form and sign it.  If you do NOT wish to give consent, please fill in you child’s name and include a note at the bottom of the page saying that you do NOT give consent.  Please return these forms to school as soon as possible.

Class Schedule

Classes meet Saturday from 9:00 a.m. until
12:30 p.m.

Report Cards
At Greek Saturday School we do give out Report Card.  In the report, the teacher will mark and explain the progress of the child in different areas.

Proper Attire
Students should dress alike for all holiday programs. The girls must wear blue skirt or pants, white blouse and black shoes. The boys must wear blue pants, white shirt and black shoes.  During holiday programs, other celebrations, and at the request of the teaching staff, students should dress in their traditional Greek clothing. 

Registration forms are required for all students.  These can be obtained at the church office, or online by clicking here.

We have structured our Saturday schedule in such a way that the children will be given a 10 minute break.  Although this is ample time for a small snack, it is not enough to replace breakfast.  Breakfast is an important part of your child’s learning curriculum.  Research shows that it assists in their ability to concentrate, comprehend and respond.  Because of its importance, we recommend that each child has a good balanced meal that will carry him/her throughout the morning.  If you choose to send a snack, please be sure that it is healthy, such as: raising, nuts, fruit, yogurt, cheese, crackers, granola bars and vegetables.  Please refrain from candies, cookies, chocolates and other sugary treats.  They will not be allowed during class time.

It is the teacher and schools expectation that your child turns in homework when it is due.  The school day is not very long, the children have homework every week that should be completed to keep up with their classmates and not fall behind.

Expectation of Parents
Parents may communicate at any time with teachers, to discuss their children's progress and conduct.
1. To collect their children from school at the designated time and exit.
2. To advise the teacher or the school Director if their child is going to be absent.
3. Parents should address the school Director for grievances.

Absent students not only fall behind in their lessons, but they tend to keep the entire class behind in its work.  Attendance is considered mandatory.  Participation in school programs, March 25th, Graduation, Parade, etc. is required.


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